We Will and That’s a Promise!


„We do know that every revolution breeds beneficiaries and the disappointed. The beneficiaries will praise the obvious benefits of the revolution: civic liberties and representative government, open borders and a press free of censorship, economic growth and a free market, new schools and universities, a flourishing banking system and the goodies of the stock exchange, a convertible currency and low inflation. The defeated and the bitter, the excluded and the degraded will curse this world and, perhaps, one more time will present their bitter bill—made out to us, the beneficiaries”.


Adapted by The New York review of Books blog from “Canaille, Canaille, Canaille!,” translated by Roman Czarny, which appears in Adam Michnik’s The Trouble With History: Morality, Revolution, and Counterrevolution, to be published by Yale University Press on May 27.

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